Podcast Instructions

Listen to episodes on the go.

If you are new to listening to podcasts or are frustrated with your current setup, this quick guide is for you. Podcasts are usually consumed via a mobile device on the move, and as such the latest episodes should be downloaded to your device automatically without you having to search and stream them each time.


There are a number of different apps available for Android, the one I like to use is “Podcast Republic”; it’s simple to use, free (has some ads) and you can easily add your favourite podcasts. Click on the image below to download and install:

Once downloaded and installed, you will be presented with the screen below:

Select + Add Podcast, then select Search Podcasts and type Consummate Recruiter and follow the prompts.

To have episodes auto-downloaded to your device, follow the steps below:

  • Click the three lines

  • Click Downloads

  • Click Auto download – confirm

  • Click Download location – and follow prompts

All of your podcasts will download easily for you when you are in a WIFI location.


Apple – IOS

The simplest way to listen and subscribe to podcasts is through the Podcasts app.

Go to the App store on your iPhone, search podcast to find the podcast app. The below Icon is the app you want:

From here, you can toggle between Unplayed, My Podcasts (podcasts you have subscribed to), Featured (things you might like), Top Charts (self-explanatory) and the Search tool.

You will get notifications when your new podcasts are available.


To search for a podcast use the search feature and type in the name of the podcast.

  • Click on The Consummate Recruiter Podcast
  • Click Subscribe
  • To find new episodes of The Consummate Recruiter go to My Podcasts
  • Touch to select podcasts which will take you to the page. You can then opt to download the podcast to your device by clicking the three dots, and selecting download episode